About Me

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I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon.   From my front yard I could easily see seven snow topped mountains.

My father, Harland Aubrey Wolf had always dreamed of being a Shakespearean Actor however due to family obligations and then WWII were he served as a Staff Sgt. that dream was never realized.  After the war he used the GI Bill to become a C.P.A..   He passed away in October of 1975.

My Mother, Dorathy Adaline Owens had been a singer with the Eric Correa Orchestra in the early 50′s in those days she used the name D’Ada McKay. She passed away in 1982.

Falling in Love with being on Stage


I fell in love with being on stage at the ripe old age of seven.  My family and I were in Las Vegas, Nevada that year on my birthday (August 24th).

How it happened:

In celebration of my birthday my mother’s friend, Red Skelton. had invited us to his Dinner Show at the Sands Hotel on the famous Los Vegas Strip.  At some point during the performance he stopped his regular show and invited me as a “special guest” to join him on stage.  (I really don’t remember if I went by myself or if either my mom or dad went up with me.)  When I got to the stage he asked someone to get me a glass of milk.  After the milk arrived he announced that it was my birthday and had the audience join in him in singing “Happy Birthday” to me.  He then offered a toast and then talked to me a few minutes.

He must have noticed that I was really enjoying being on stage with him so let me stay and be a part of his show for his next  bit after which  he sent me on my way with an admonishment that milk was powerful stuff and not to get to drunk on it.

That was my first time literally in the Spotlight and I remember liking it – A LOT!  I liked seeing all of those faces looking at me up on stage.  And you know it feels the same every time I am on a stage to this day.  It really is my drug of choice; there is no greater high for me.