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Tempt! is a WebSeries that follows the misadventures of two Temporary Office Employees in New York City.

Right now we are in the process of raising funds for the final edit.     You can see the trailer here:

If you are interested in knowing more about the project or are interested in donating please feel free to e-mail me at

Past Productions


I played Gina in Monica Bauer’s play Marathon.  This is a two person play and I so enjoyed working with Greg Horton as Officer James.   We were directed by Dev Bondarin who was the perfect director for this piece.   One thing that I really loved about this play is that although it was about the effects of gun violence it didn’t hit you over the head with it or preach about it.   It dealt with the effect that gun violence can have on people life after having to deal with it in a personal way.   The scene took place during the Boston Marathon of 2013 – Officer James was sent out to pick up the last stragglers of the Marathon after the bomb had gone off at the finish line.  My character Gina was the last runner and she was from Newtown, CT determined to finish the race no matter what.

Since this was a benefit for MTWorks I was so happy that we had a completely sold out house.  I also loved all of the wonderful complements I received after the performance. 


I played Aunt Joan in this wonderful play with Music.  The story takes place in a small Texas town where the townspeople tell the story of their most famous resident – an Orange Boy.     It is a celebration of existence and of difference.   Besides I had a song and dance number about Pumkin Pie – who could ask for anything better.

Madalyn McKay delivers the crowd pleaser “Pumpkin Pie” as hot and fresh as the song’s namesake”   
   Michael Civello – The American Show

“..a sweet southern nana sells her orange skinned son with a soulful hip shaking number which had the audience cheering.”  -  The Paper Swan

Madalyn McKay has that rare gift of total showmanship. She’s a blast onstage and in a working environment, and in our show, The Orange Person, she’s a showstopper!!!”    -    Jeremy Bloom, Director/Playwright




I played a Judge in this funny independent pilot about lawyers.  Created by Brian Goetz and Jonah Oskow.


Very interesting project.  I started out as a rather minor character and part of the ensemble.   When the actress cast as Mrs. Hudson needed to be away for a performance I became her understudy.   Mrs. Hudson is the woman who refuses to leave her books and ends up burning with them.   I ended up doing the role several times.  

Ray Bradbury who wrote the book the musical was based on came to see the show and told us all that he really enjoyed it. 

“A great talent – and a source of comfort, warmth and humor.”        Charles Geyer, Director